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Product Specifications

Canon  RS-60E3 Remote Switch  

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Main specs

Brand:  Canon

Type of Accessory:  Flash Remote Switch


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Canon-RS-60E3 Remote Switch-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Flash Remote Switch


Electronic cable relase for use with EOS cameras equipped with a mini-jack. Helps prevent camera shake when takign pictures and keeps the shutter open in ''bulb'' setting.


Canon EOS Rebel GII, Canon EOS Rebel G, Canon EOS Rebel 2000, Canon EOS IX Lite, Canon EOS ELAN II/IIE, Canon EOS ELAN 7N/7NE, Canon EOS ELAN 7/7E, Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, Canon EOS Digital Rebel, Canon EOS Rebel XTi, Canon EOS Rebel XT, Canon EOS Rebel X/XS, Canon EOS Rebel Ti, Canon EOS Rebel T2




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