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Product Specifications

RPS Studio  HD ITTL Off-Camera Cord f/ Nikon 3ft - RS-0446  

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Main specs

Brand:  RPS Studio

Type of Accessory:  Off Camera Flash Cord


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RPS Studio-HD ITTL Off-Camera Cord f/ Nikon 3ft - RS-0446-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Off Camera Flash Cord


These heavy duty TTL cords are designed to fit Nikon Digital cameras that use dedicated flash units. They feature a molded shoe on one end that slides onto the camera hot shoe and locks to prevent accidental dislodging of the shoe. A second shoe mounts onto a flash bracket or light stand via either a standard foot with lock or a 1/4-20 thread. The top of the shoe accepts the flash unit. A heavy duty 3 foot coiled cord connects the shoes.


Nikon Digital Flash Units


RPS Studio


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