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Product Specifications

Savage Universal  Edge Lit Pro LED Light Kit  

Main specs

Type:  studio lighting kit

Contents:  2x 7′ Savage Easy-open Drop Stands, 2x  Rotating Light Stand Ada...

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Savage Universal-Edge Lit Pro LED Light Kit-Studio Lighting Kits
Description Specifications Medias

Background Properties


Not Available


Not Available

Stand properties



Collapsed Height



Reversible 1/4″-20 / 3/8″ stud adapter 

Reflector/Diffuser properties


Not Available


Not Available

Kit properties


2x 7′ Savage Easy-open Drop Stands, 2x  Rotating Light Stand Adapters, 2x 12″ x 9″ (12 5/8″ x 8 5/8″) Edge Lit Pro LED Lights, 1x Padded Rolling Case, 2x AC Power Cords, 4x Sony NP-F750 Batteries with Chargers, 1x Multi-channel Remote Control


The Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Light Kit uses LED bulbs that shine inward from the outer edges of the light and are then redirected through a soft white panel. The result is a stunning soft, even and low shadow softbox effect. This makes this color adjustable light source perfect for everything from no hot spot interviews to portrait photography. Included in the kit are Savage’s auto-extending and collapsing Drop Stand light stands.

General specifications


studio lighting kit

Light properties

Type of Light

Continuous LED

Modeling Light

Not Available

Modeling Light/Flash tube Number

Not Available

Guide Number

Not Available

Flash Triggering

Remote Control Capability

Recycling Time

Not Available

Fuse Rating

Not Available

Temperature Control

Not Available

Reflector Mount

Not Available

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