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Product Specifications

Savage Universal  Luminous Pro LED Shooting Tent - 15 x 15 #PC15  

Main specs

Type:  Light Tent


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Savage Universal-Luminous Pro LED Shooting Tent -  15 x 15 #PC15-Light Tents, Softboxes, Reflectors and Umbrellas

Stand properties


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Reflector/Diffuser properties


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General specifications


Light Tent


3 Backgrounds, 1x Carrying Bag, Supplied accessories may vary by region or country!


Two daylight balanced LED light strips run from the front of the box to the rear ensuring shadowless light. The flicker-free LED color corrected (5500k + or - 200k) light source is designed to bring out the true colors of jewelry, collectibles & commercial products. The LED bulbs are low energy & long lasting, eliminating the need for frequent bulb replacement.

  • LED strips & reflective interior create perfect lighting
  • Multiple access points allow for various shooting angles
  • Great for quick camera phone pictures
  • Quick disassembly allows for easy transport & storage
  • Includes 3 background color options & carry bag

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